Textile Innovations

Supima Cotton


Supima is the premium cotton from Arizona that boasts the finest origin. Only a strictly limited and tightly controlled amount of this finest cotton is put on the market every year. Hiltl is allowed to process this fiber only upon completion of a complex selection procedure followed by a license agreement. The exceptional fineness and the extremely long staple length of the Supima cotton fiber makes it possible to spin superfine yarns from it. The fineness of these yarns can not be achieved by any other cotton.





Wool & Cashmere


For that luxury fabric a special yarn was developed and tested for over one year before being introduced on the market. The wool processed is a Super 140’s (16.6 micron) blended with 10 % cashmere, which has been produced in a fiber blend (intimate blend). The “topwhite“ cashmere used is the best cashmere in the world and comes from the north-western regions of China.






Smartcel™ Sensitive


These unique summer trousers impress with their metallic color scheme and their light weight as well as their innovative functionality. The smartfiber AG developed a special process for enriching natural Lyocell fibers with zinc and then spinning them into yarns. This innovative fiber provides the Hiltl Smartcel™ Sensitive with an outstanding UV protection of UPF 50+ and promotes skin regeneration. The zinc content further ensures particularly fresh wearing comfort.

Summer Perfetto


The product segment „Hiltl Summer Perfetto“ represents the new generation of business trousers. These high-class wool and cotton trousers impress with outstanding dimensional stability, excellent comfort and fast crease recovery.