With Hiltl each button is something special. It is attached to the face fabric by a special machine with a Long yarn stem. Button shanking with yarn of the same color is performed by a machine specifically designed for this purpose. These Buttons on stems do not come loose and prevent the fabric from being displaced when they are closed.



What has become rare with other pants is a standard for Hiltl trousers: metal zippers. These are custom-made for Hiltl featuring particularly fine teeth. This ensures that zippers also work smoothly after dry cleaning.









The special quality of Hiltl trousers besomes particularly evident in the waistband. For instance, Hiltl’s special waist catch. Or the especially soft and supple waistband finish (with Faldine). When supplied in rugged materials, „Hiltls“ are fitted with a comfort waistband. Applying an innovative process the waistband is shrink finished thereby achieving a stretch of up to 5 %.


Trouser Topside Lining


No expenses are spared for Hiltl trousers, neither for materials nor for quality. Which is why "Hiltls" also sty in shape where other pants easily bag: around the knee.

And this is because the trouser topside lining is extra long and particularly refined. It consists of 100 % viscose and is far longer than usual at 75 cm. This means it stands proud oft he knee even in bigger sizes and guarantees dimnsional stablity as well as the highest wear properties.