Our success story - from 1955 to date



Foundation of the trousers factory

Without funds but with much know-how, courage, commitment and energy the men’s tailor Fritz Hiltl founded his trousers factory together with his wife Hedwig in the year 1955 in Sulzbach-Rosenberg. The goal is to offer trousers like tailor-made. At this time only 20 trousers per day are being produced.




The exhibition of the first collection

Fritz Hiltl exhibits his first trousers collection at the fair in Cologne and impresses the audience by its exceptional quality. Thus, Hiltl-trousers have been established as the embodiment of high quality in the market.



Opening of the factory building

Being able to satisfy the continuous increase of demand Fritz Hiltl decides in 1968 to build a new factory: On the 18th of October 1968 the most modern factory building of the region was opened in the Asamstrasse in Sulzbach-Rosenberg.




In the year 1980 Hiltl employs a workforce of 370 people who produces 2,000 trousers per day. These trousers are being sold in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, England, France, Austria and Switzerland.



Hedwig Hiltl

After the death of her husband Hedwig Hiltl takes over the management of Hiltl.



American market

With the start of the new millennium Hiltl conquers successfully the American market.

“The ultimate pair of trousers was born.”



Award: Hiltl has best sales ratio

According to an opinion poll in the textile magazine “markt intern” Hiltl is the men trousers manufacturer with the best sales ratio due to the balanced price/performance ratio.



50 years of Hiltl

Traditional Bavarian company with international success

Due to the consequent focusing of Fritz Hiltl not to be the biggest but the best the company celebrates its 50th anniversary in the year 2005. By now, Hiltl-trousers are being worn world-wide by men for business occasions and leisure time.



Award: Company of the month

The “Regional marketing of Upper Palatinate” votes Hiltl company of the month due to the consistent high quality.



Chinese market

In the year 2010 Hiltl begins to sell exclusive men trousers to China.



Award: TOP BRAND men trousers 2012

Hiltl is voted winner in the category trousers competence (dress/business pants) by the prestigious trade journal “TextilWirtschaft”.



Markus Schock

Hedwig Hiltl appoints Markus Schock to General Manager of Hiltl being in charge of the company together with the two Managing Directors Martin Merkl (quality management, production, personnel) and Jörg Weickart (purchasing, distribution, marketing).



60 years of Hiltl

The Premium Brand for the trendy, design-and-quality-aware man

This year Hiltl celebrates its 60th anniversary. Today Hiltl delivers more than half a million exquisite trousers per year to more than 40 countries. By the smart combination of highest quality and perfect fit with creative details as well as completely new fabrics and styles not only the fashion enthusiasts but also business men are dressed well by Hiltl.

Andreas Wölfer



NORD Holding & Andreas Wölfer

Since 1969 NORD Holding has successfully and sustainably invested in medium-sized fast growing companies and has now acquired the specialist in men’s trousers Hiltl with Andreas Wölfer (former Manager of Liebeskind) becoming Managing Director. The target-oriented ideas of the new management are in accordance with the values and identity of the traditional Hiltl brand. Highest quality standards and great customer service continue to being the priority for the company’s management. By various innovations additional growth shall be generated.